Our history

The AR.CO. Studio was founded in 1957 by the creativity and tenacity of its owner: Valerio Cannistraci. The activity is also rewarded and recognized for its quality and seriousness by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, and the owner is been awarded the Master of Economy 2011.

The experience of all these years has been integrated, enriched and developed in specific sectors about all types of installations: stands, museums, conferences, theater, television, outdoor, fashion shows, parades and various others works.

Into the company there are skilled workers who are qualified to complete all the steps of the technological process from the planning to the finished work.

Compositional elements are also procuced by AR.CO. Studio, using a very complete laboratory. In this way AR.CO. study can satisfy the needs of small, medium and large customers.
From the smallest element in a simple construction to the creation of the most complex space.


Arch Valerio Cannistraci

Valerio Cannistraci