Vista esterna Trullo Brindisi


In renovation, restoration or building from scratch, the choice of materials is crucial.

Stone, brick, tuff and wood are integrated with new technologies: heated floors, crawl spaces with Cupolex, solar panels, energy efficient fixtures to make our environments more comfortable and in line with the new European directives.

Trullo Brindisi


“The architecture without light is not architecture”
Alberto Campo Baeza

We like to invent light games and create lighting fixtures with atypical materials.

Ristrutturazione casa Sacrofano

Outdoor spaces

The art of gardens

New spaces all to live

We interpret the rhythms, needs and habits of people to exploit in the most functional way each space.
Trullo ante ristrutturazione

Ante renovation

Trullo ristrutturato

Post renovation

Do you want to renovate your Italian house?